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Fuse the powerful connection between touch and learning.


TacScreen is particularly powerful for learners diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, or ADHD, as well as for other groups of tactile learners. Learn more.

TacScreen for Professionals.

Advance learning one touch at a time.

“I think every child who uses a tablet, whether they have a learning disability or not, needs this screen.”

Vivian Morgan, Special Education

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TacScreen at Home.

Remove frustration from learning the fundamentals.

“The tactile surface of TacScreen, used in conjunction with word-tracing apps, has helped my 7-year-old daughter prepare for upcoming spelling tests. The words are imprinted on her brain before we begin to study. It’s Brilliant!”

Elizabeth Woo, Mom

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TacScreen in the Classroom.

“TacScreen completes the multi-sensory circle for teachers and parents using the iPad for educational development.”

Amy McAfee, Director of Curriculum & Learning

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Unlock the brain’s powerful – and proven – connection between
learning and touch.